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3 + 1 wedding tips for my 31st Birthday

illustrated birthday cupcake with flowers
  1. Here's a tip that could save you from some unexpected exposure: try sitting down in your dress during the final appointment with the seamstress. The top might fit like a dream while you're standing, but it could fold in surprising ways when you're seated. I learned this the hard way, and while I absolutely adored my dress, I had a few unintentional 'flashy' moments.

  2. Leave only a few things for the final month. Once again, this is based on a true story. I didn't start with many DIY projects until 3-4 months before the wedding as I didn't want to clutter the house or change my mind, but in the end, I had to rush some items and stress a lot for no reason. 

  3. Hire a good documentary photographer! I'm glad we didn't stand taking pictures with everybody for ages. (I know some people care a lot about the portrait pictures, so ignore this in that case.) We got a lot of candid pics with our guests, which I love so much, without investing one hour in posing. 

  4. Try to add as many personality touches as possible! We met Georgie from The Unfiltered Bride at The National Wedding Show in London, and she left this voxu, which I think was beautiful. Some ideas: hint at your passions/jobs. We had escort cards in keyrings, as we moved house many times, and our table numbers were addresses where we lived. We had bud vases as chemistry tubes since Blake works in the field. We also had my boss, colleague, and friend singing for us down the aisle, which made it so unique). 
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