Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how voxu s.r.o., a company with its registered office at Doležalova, 3424/15C, 82104 Bratislava, Slovakia and registration number 56050852 and/or “our”), processes, gathers, and uses the data that it receives from you, the user of its website:, and 

We retain the right to alter or modify this policy at any time. We'll notify you as soon as we make changes to this policy. To ensure you stay informed of all the most recent revisions, we would urge and recommend that you often or routinely review our privacy policy. 

Which User Information We Handle/ Gather 
When you use our website, we could collect and use the following data: 
- Your IP address.
- Your contact details, such as name, address, and email address, together with additional similar details. 
- Messages and selfies submitted for the relevant wedding couple. 
- Choices, the websites you visited via our website, and your interests are additional details.     
Important details about your online activity and how you use our website. 

Website servers may collect your computer's IP address in order to track visits, average time put into the site, pages visited, clicks to other websites, and other general data that might help troubleshoot any hardware or software issues you may be experiencing. We use this information to evaluate website use and make content updates. 

We will never ask for or collect any passwords you might have utilised to access our website, so please know that. We request accurate and complete information from you when you use our website to make a reservation or place a transaction. Subject to this pledge, we will only offer our services to you and/or anybody else who has been granted authorization by you. 

Why We Collect And Utilise Your Data 
We are processing, using, and gathering your data for the many reasons and objectives listed below: 
- In order to comprehend your demands more fully. 
- To enhance the quality of our products and services. 
- To send you promotional emails that we believe will be intriguing and that include relevant information. 
- To let you know that in order for us to collect market data, we would periodically ask you to complete optional surveys. 
- To personalise our website according to your online habits and preferences. 
- Messages and selfies submitted by wedding guests will be shared with the relevant wedding couple for their viewing. 
- For potential advertising or marketing-related purposes. 

Data Protection and General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) 
The Company is committed to preserving and safeguarding your data's privacy. We take the theft of personal information very seriously, and we are making every effort to prevent it as well as any other behaviour that may jeopardise or breach it. As permitted by law, the Company will keep any personal information you submit while using the website and use it for advertising. We shall ensure that, for potential users in Europe, the use of your personal data is fair, legitimate, accurate, not too broad, and not retained for longer than necessary in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an EU regulation. Additionally, we are informing you of our plans for handling and using your personal data. The Company will never sell your private details to other parties without your consent. We may comply with any laws or regulations that require us to do so. Your personal data and other information, including your email address, may be used to market to you particular relevant content if you expressly consent to this privacy policy. However, for the effective use of our products/ services, we may share some data to our partners such as images (selfies) that users submit for the wedding couple are stored on Amazon Web Services S3 in London, UK. We take necessary precautions to ensure that your data will not be leaked, misused or sold, among other things, but we cannot be liable for any disclosure that was beyond our reasonable control. For example, Amazon Web Services being hacked and other similar things. 

The target market for all of our services, goods, and website(s) is users who are at least eighteen. We do not intentionally collect information from children/ minors. 

Using and Managing Cookies 
You agree to our website using cookies to measure website traffic, the pages you spend most of your time on, and the websites you visit, among other uses of the information it collects about your general online behaviour. When you use, access, or browse our website, a little piece of data known as a cookie is downloaded or saved on your computer or device. We manage and employ a variety of cookie types, including marketing, functional, and/or content cookies. We customise our website to suit specific needs using the data we obtain and gather via the use of cookies. As a result, cookies enhance your online experience by allowing the website to remember your choices and activities (such as region selection and login). This suggests that you won't have to submit the same information every time you use or visit our website. Moreover, cookies frequently have the ability to deliver relevant information about your online behaviour and activities, such as how frequently you visit our website. After we have finished analysing the information the cookies have provided us with to better understand certain statistical data, the data will be deleted from all of our systems. We would like to inform you that cookies do not provide us any type of access to your computer. They serve no purpose other than tracking and validating which websites you consider suitable, useful, or acceptable and which you deem improper in order to enhance your overall experience. By modifying the preferences of the browser you use on your computer, you may prevent any cookies created by your device from being gathered by us. 

Contact Us Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any queries or concerns you may have regarding our privacy statement. Most recent update: 28.02.2024