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Get the most out of your digital audio guestbook

voxu page and digital audio guestbook

Hey, nearly-wed!

Are you knee-deep in wedding planning? Everyone is likely to be saying this to you, and I know it can be quite pedantic, but there will be one day when you’ll miss the planning stage of it all - and we're here to make sure you remember every crazy, beautiful moment. Now, let's get down to business and chat about how we will achieve that: our digital audio guestbook.

Kick-off Your Audio Guestbook

Once purchased, your 'invox' is all setup and ready to hoard all those lovely messages from your guests. It's the perfect way to round up all the good vibes from your favourite people. Why not link your audio guestbook to your wedding website?

This way, your guests can drop their well-wishes and stories whenever they fancy—during your dress hunt, pre-wedding parties, or just to share their thoughts. I promise listening back to these memories will be fun - and a little bit emotional!

Spreading the word on the Big Day

From what we've seen and what other couples tell us, a few tricks can really get your guests chatty:

  • Put the QR Code in plain sight: Coasters, door hangers, stickers—you name it! Let your guests know about your voxu page in every possible way.
  • Appoint a 'Voxu Ambassador': Get your most outgoing friend or a wedding party member to spread the word. They can send out the guestbook link via WhatsApp the night before and the day after your wedding, nudging everyone to leave a message.
  • Go fancy with NFC Tags: If you're feeling techy, swap traditional QR codes for NFC tags. Place them around your venue and let your guests tap their smartphones to join in the fun. It might cost a bit more, but it's worth the cool points.

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