Voice notes and selfies, directly from your guests' phones.

No prop phones, no shipping, just words.


So.. what do I need to do?

Your voxu page is really easy to set up, just follow the steps below and enjoy the memories.

Customise your voxu page

Confirm your wedding details, pick a profile picture (or five!), record your voicemail greeting, and write your intro message. Simple as.

Print the QR Code

Destination wedding? Why not print the QR Codes on handy door hangers to get some pre (and post) ceremony comments?

Listen to your messages

Grab the tissues and get ready to relive your big day through your nearest and dearest's lenses. You're in for a treat!
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Do you have any questions?

If you need a hand with anything voxu related (or not?!) please feel free to reach out at any point. As a 2023 bride, I may have gone through some of the struggles you're facing right now.

  • voxu page designNeed a hand with your voxu page design? I'm here to help! Shoot me a message, and let's make your page standout.
  • qr code printingWondering where your QR code will get the most attention? I can guide you through it! Let's chat and make it happen.
  • big love, Anna x
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    How does it work for my guests?

    Great question. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    Scan the QR Code 📱

    Guests can scan table numbers, strut cards, stickers.. whatever you've decided to place the QR code on. Anytime, anywhere, using their own phone.

    Record a voice note 💬

    Cherished memories, jokes, funny anecdotes... the opportunities are endless for your guests to leave their mark.

    Snap a pic 📸

    ...but last, let them take a selfie! The cherry on the cake that will populate your audio guestbook with smiles.
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    So.. how much is it? 💍

    Voxu is much more affordable than other audio guestbook, because it's digital, and doesn't require anything more than a smartphone. It's grandma-approved!


    Get everything in our Basic package + more! Luxury without breaking the bank.

    • Unlimited voxus
    • Five profile pictures
    • Five voicemail greetings
    • Custom intro message
    • Customisable PDF for printing
    • Page theming
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    Our wedding starter pack - Have fun on a budget!

    • Max 100 voxus
    • One profile picture
    • One voicemail greeting
    • Default intro message
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